Advertising Private Rented Sector Student Accommodation with Customised and Localised Online Platforms

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For the vast majority of students the Internet is today the number one source for information about available accommodation in the private rented sector. Countless websites for student housing try to make a profit from this fact and promise their users a fast and reliable service in their search for a suitable student room, student house, or student flat.


However, most of the respective platforms are little more than just digital blackboards where people can post all sorts of vacant accommodation without any accreditation measures or other functions that make the whole letting/renting process easier.


As one consequence, the quality of the listed properties may not always meet the standards a university wants to set for its students. Furthermore, many of these websites for student housing try to cover the whole of the UK (or even the globe) and do not specialise in local areas; browsing through these enormous databases can become tiresome and sometimes they simply do not include all vacant properties that are currently available in a particular city or town.


Flexible, customisable, and local


There is a lot more that a truly efficient and flexible student accommodation platform can offer. The Pad Group aspires to do exactly that with its fully web-based, customisable and localised student accommodation management software. We think that a modern website for student housing can be much more than just a digital board for “small ads” and we focus on the development of powerful systems that meet all your organisations needs, whether you are a university/college accommodation office or student housing operator in the private sector.


Customisation: no “one-fits-all” but individual solutions


Studentpad is a fully bespoke product that provides individualised web platforms for our partners. Customisation options include visual adjustments (e.g. so that the final product meets your institution’s branding guidelines) and specific functions for improving the advertising and lettings process of private rented student accommodation. We work closely with you together to find the best solution for your individual needs.


Localised platforms: the quickest way to student accommodation

The main advantage of localised accommodation platforms is that they exclude everything that is not of interested to a prospective student tenant from the outset and thus already facilitate searching for a vacant room close to his/her university or college. In other word, they “trim the fat” and focus on properties that are actually relevant for the user. Our systems allow students to further filter their search result based e.g. on the type, size, pricing, and location of a property.


Most importantly: university/college accommodation offices are in full control of who is allowed to post an offer and thus can ensure that private sector landlords meet their quality standards for student accommodation.


Our overall goal is to improve communication between students, private sector landlords as well as accommodation offices and to facilitate the whole letting process –while ensuring high quality standards.

For more information please visit the Pad Group's main website.

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