Five Central Aspects of Modern Housing Management

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The UK and Ireland remain prime locations for higher education –both nationally and internationally. Tens of thousands of students enter British and Irish universities as well as colleges every year. And all of them need a place to stay. Hence, most institutions provide some sort of accommodation service. The main aim naturally is to support students in finding and securing adequate student accommodation.


Achieving this goal generally involves various stages and, depending on the size of the respective university or college, large amounts of data. Student housing offices have to manage information on landlords, their properties but also students. Databases need to be up-to-date and easily accessible –for both administrators and end users (i.e. student seeking accommodation).

Success in modern housing management largely depends on how an institution harvests current technologies for the best results and the services it offers to its clients. The right combination of both can significantly improve daily work procedures and increase the overall reputation of a university or college.

In this post we will give you a general introduction into the most important aspects of efficient strategies in modern housing management, particularly in the area of student accommodation. The market for student housing is in constant movement and there are a lot of aspects to consider, if the overall aim is to implement a comprehensive and efficient strategy.

Number 1: Choose flexible and efficient Systems

Flexible, innovative, and online-based solutions that show the ability to “learn” and evolve are best capable to efficiently process the heavy workload in student accommodation management. They enable you to automatize mundane tasks and to profit from the various benefits of the Internet: Speed, connectivity, interactivity. At the same instance, they ideally provide you with full control of the whole system, so that you can intervene and make changes where- and whenever you deem necessary.

Number 2: Ensure Accessibility of your Data

In order to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently, it is indispensable to guarantee unhindered access to your data for all members of your accommodation staff. Speeding up flows of communication, managing work procedures, setting goals etc. all depends on information –and adequate means or “tools” for processing it. Another crucial factor is to have a modern and user-friendly interface. A clear structure and an appealing design distinguish high-quality products from the rest.

Number 3: Set Precise Goals

A structured, tightly organised work programme ensures a smooth flow of operations. Defining precise goals that your institution aspires to meet on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis can provide a suitable framework for developing such work strategies. Modern accommodation management software will include advanced features and tools that facilitate planning work processes and achieving precise goals.

Number 4: Keep Your Databases Up-to-Date

There is nothing more frustrating for a user than outdated property listings –especially when he or she is in urgent need for a new room. Providing students who are looking for housing with the latest information on available properties in your area is at the core of any professional accommodation service. Online technology enables you to collect and share room offers in “real-time”, without any time delays. Choosing the right web-based system will allow you to maintain truly “up-to-date” databases of student accommodation for your users. For instance by allowing approved landlords and agents to upload offers independently.

Number 5: Customise Your Solutions

Each institution has a different set of needs and goals. Individual challenges demand individual solutions. Standard-sized, inflexible systems cannot always deliver effective solutions to unforeseen requirements. Sometimes, they simple do not have the feature that you are looking for. Or they include functions that you do not really need or want. And the opportunities to “brand” certain systems according to your marketing preferences are in some cases also very limited.

Customisable solutions circumvent all of these problems and limitations –by giving you a choice. They are adjusted to the individual preferences of your institution and changes can be made whenever necessary. This will allow you to manage your workload in the best way possible.

By keeping these aspects in mind you will significantly increase your chances to develop and apply a comprehensive and efficient strategy for your student accommodation management.

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