How Studentpad Connects Students, Landlords and Universities/Colleges

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Studentpad is the quickest route to student accommodation in the UK. We connect student, landlords and universities/colleges who want to provide a first-class service to their clients.

 We currently work with over 100 universities and colleges in Britain and Ireland with our efficient and flexible management systems and online databases. With Studentpad, students can quickly browse for available rooms in their specific area while our software automatises different steps of the renting process. Our products enable landlords from the private rented sector to connect with students directly; they also enable them to control the entire lettings process from one place with various tools that are integrated into our management systems. University and/or College accommodation offices remain in charge of quality control – since they decide what offers are listed on their customised Studentpad platforms. Hence, Studentpad fills a crucial gap in the communication and interaction between students, landlords, and universities/colleges in the student accommodation sector. At the same time, it greatly reduces the daily workload of professionals in student housing management.

We also place great emphasis on sharing helpful advice and tips about all things related to student accommodation and student life in general. Our national Studentpad site hence provides a range of useful information sources: our student accommodation search engine, the Studentpad blog, as well as our Student Guides and social media pages:


1. The main focus of our website is our free Student Accommodation Searching Engine, which enables students to look for available properties provided by the private rented sector in a specific area. Thanks to Google Maps all you need to do is to type in your desired location and the database will direct you instantly to the specific Studentpad website covering that area. It’s really that simple and you can learn more about how it works by checking our very-easy-to-follow guide.

 2. The Studentpad Blog (3), where our Social Media team provides a constantly updated stock of helpful articles, detailed guides and other resources on student issues. We place great emphasis on common problems related to student housing and try to provide quick help for some of the most bothering questions of that you will eventually face while you’re at university or college. Some of our articles of our most popular articles include: “A few helpful Tips for managing your (tight) Student Budget”, “How to throw a proper House Party”, “Things I wish I’d Known as a Fresher” and many more.

3. The Housing- and Student Guides, where we’ve put together our most helpful resources, both from our team’s experience (of whom many are/were students themselves) and knowledge as well as tested advice from all over the internet, throwing an objective view on all things related to student accommodation and uni life.

Aside from these useful links, you can find out more about Our Company, use the Contact Form to get in touch with our team or follow/like us on our social media pages, such as Studentpad Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. We also have a Youtube Channel with lots of useful videos on UK student accommodation and campus life in general.

To sum up, we encourage you to visit our Studentpad on a regualr basis so that you won't miss any updates on the wide range of information services that we provide in addition to our online-based management systems.


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