Latest Trends in the Student Accommodation Sector

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The UK's market for student accommodation is one of the most vibrant and dynamic business sectors in Europe. New trends emerge on an almost daily basis - read our roundup of some of this week's most interesting stories so far:

Dentists turned businessmen plan to transform nursing home into student housing in Sunderland:

Four dentists who decided to switch careers now plan to develop student housing in Sunderland. They start with converting a former nursing home into a 41-student flat property in cooperation with law firm from the region (read the complete story here). This is another example for how the sector continues to attract new investors and property developers.

Property company plans to invest £25 million in student accommodation in Liverpool

Another notable investement that illustrates the rate at which the sector is growing: Worthington Properties will build new student housing in Liverpool's city centre. The new properties are worth around £25 millions and will provide over 350 student flats (more information).

Warwick students partake in energy saving competition by "switching off"

Students living in Warwick University's residence halls will participate in the annual Students Switch Off. The campaign promotes saving energy on UK campuses and is supported by over 50 higher education instutions (read more here). The residence halls will all compete with each other and the one that saves most energy by the end of the year wins. Last year's winner received a little donation for the end of year party. Campaigns like this are vital to explain students how important it is to use energy in a more responsible and sustainable manner - an issue of increasing relevance across the housing sector.

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