Promoting Your Studentpad Platform

Your localised Studentpad platform is the most important source for available student accommodation in your area, collecting properties approved by your accommodation office. Its main audience are your institution's students and the main aim in terms of page traffic is to get as many students as possible to make use of your Studentpad platform. Here are a few tips and easy steps that will help you to achieve this goal:


Place a Link on Your Accommodation Office's Website

Most students who are looking for vacant student rooms will visit your accommodation office's website at one point. After all, it should provide the most basic and helpful information on how to find and secure student accommodation. Thus, it should include a small section advertising and linking to your localised (branded) Studentpad platform. This section should be placed right at the starting page, so that students get instantly re-directed to the database. By doing so you will ensure that your students use your Studentpad platform for searching accommodation without any further delay.

Place a Link on Your International Office's Website

UK universities and colleges continue to attract thousands of students from all over the world; most of them will visit the web pages of your institution's international office. Aside from visa and registration related questions, finding and renting affordable student accommodation is another central issue for many foreign students. Providing them with a shortcut to your Studentpad platform will help them finding a student room that meets their individual requirements quick and easy.

Put a Link on Your Marketing Material

As a modern and growth-oriented institution your university or college will provide a wide spectrum of printed information-, advertising-, and other public relations material. Where approriate, include a brief section on your Studentpad platform and a link. Especially brochures for prospective students, freshers, and international students might be suitable for including this kind of information. In fact, everything that mentions your accommodation services should include a link to your Studentpad platform. This raises awareness for your Studentpad platform among your target audience.

Share the Link on Your Social Media Pages

Social media are an integral part of any modern public communication strategy, especially in the area of higher education. Most universities, colleges and related bodies (e.g. student unions) make extensive use of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. If you accommodation office or other relevant branch uses social media, try to share links to your Studentpad platforms with these. Since social media have become a primary source of information for most students, this move will allow you to further increase traffic to your Studentpad accommodation database.

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