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Renting and living in student accommodation comes with a range of responsibilities and can pose challenges in certain situations.
 These mainly concern health and safety issues but also property maintenance. Information is the key to ensure that all parties involved do their part in keeping the quality of student housing at an optimal level. Communicating housing advice and safety guidelines effectively is therefore of particular importance.

In order to effectively engage, we created several videos which each convey different health and safety messages in an ‘easy to relate to’ format. The idea was conceived in cooperation with Blaby Council who pointed to the value of accessible, useful information on housing issues. The videos enable both tenants and landlords to have a destination and a point of call should they be seeking housing advice. Not only do the clips portray advice, they also show where tenants can go to seek further help if needed.  

There are a total of 12 videos, each covering a range of subjects which include:

  • Electric
  • Bump
  • Agreement
  • Cold
  • Damp
  • Hygiene
  • Security
  • Structural
  • Trips
  • Viewing
  • Shared
  • Fire

Each video is tailored to the subject, giving advice and showing tenants what they can do to help solve these problems should they occur.

The videos are available for you to licence and can be used in your own way to help assist your students/tenants/clients and each can be tailors to your particular organisation such as the logo and the contact information. 

With Shaun’s innovative videos, your customers can seek the advice they need and reach information easily if they should need it.


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