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Search-engine optimization (SEO) changes over time with trends and updates in technology. In order to keep your online presence in the top ranks of the World Wide Web, it is important to have knowledge in the latest SEO trends that can be tailored to your own Studentpad site.  After all, it has become absolutely crucial for digital marketing in the past ten years or so and major business publications such as Forbes repeatedly underline why it is not just a "fad" but a serious and important investment for modern organisations in the private and public sectors.


Fresh Content is (still)  King

Some things never change, such as content being the most superior form of SEO. By having good, fresh and original content the SEO value automatically increases. This could be blog posts, videos or any other means that can be used effectively to share information with high level engagement.  On your Studenpad site the housing guide sections would be the best place to upload fresh and relevant content on a regular basis. However, we can include additional pages if you like. Maybe you have a student blogger who wants to share stories about student accommodation? Or you have your own content to fill  some extra student advice pages? It is no problem for us to add such sites and help you to keep your Studentpad page on top of things.


Social Media - Key Elements in efficient and "sustainable" SEO

A major game changer in the past few years has been the acceleration of social media. Most suitable to increasing your own SEO ranking is the use of Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Google Plus helps the content of your Studentpad site rank higher with those that you have already connected with or have +1’d content on your profile. In order to maximise full leverage, we ensure that your Studentpad site holds social sharing modules. This enables content to be quickly shared by a vast range of users. Moroever, we can create individualised Studentpad fan pages in all major social mendia networks for your institution and include them into our general Studentpad social media campaign. This enables us to harness the full potential of social media for SEO purposes and to boost public exposure of your branded Studentpad site on the Internet. Just ask us about the options for social media campaigning and we will develop a customised and flexible strategy that suits the needs of your institution.


A Holistic Marketing Strategy - Why "Offline" and "Online" must go together

As well as a positive social media presence, it is also important to look at other trends in SEO to maximise clicks. High quality inbound links are key however, this should be done in line to effective branding and complement each other. Professional, reliable and effective PR will help with this. Share links to your Studentpad site on flyers, blackboards, stickers, on student fairs, business cards, and "mouth-to-mouth" with students who seek advice in your accommodation office. The digital and "offline" realms are not separated but mutually affective and thus classic PR/marketing activities should go hand in hand with their digital counterparts - including SEO. 

As stated earlier, trends do change however; social media is at a current high with billions of users for both personal and business uses and seems to be the key of engagement between businesses and its consumers so this is likely going to be a consistent future trend.  By updating content on your Studentpad site keeping it ‘fresh’ allows the SEO to be increased gradually.  Our team can help you with developing and implementing the right SEO strategy that is based on the latest developments in the sector and aims for boosting your branded site across all relevant search engines.



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