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Th UK remains a top destination for international students and they make up a considerable share of student tenants in cities and town with unis and/or colleges. Most try to find and secure adequate student accommodation before they enter the country but traditional ways of applying for a student room can make this a bit difficult in many cases. For example, some landlords insist that they meet a student applicant in person before reserving a room or flat or ask for credentials that a foreign student simpy cannot provide, at least not in advance.

Some universities and colleges have special schemes for international students and they keep a contingent of emergency accommodation ready for international students who have just arrived and not yet found a place to stay. However, this is not always the rule and international students often have to manage finding student housing themselves and the process can become very frustrating (to the point that they may even reconsider studying in the UK).

An online-based student accommodation platform such as Studentpad can help with this, as it faciltiates the whole communciation process:

  • Once they accepted their university's/college's offer, international student can ask their respective accommodation office for login details and register with their Studentpad platform. This ensures that only accepted, "real" students have access to the database.
  • They can then browse for different types of student accommodation that are currently available in the region; students can fiter results by size, price, type, and location.
  • If they find a property that they like international students can contact the repsective landlord or letting agent and start the conversation via e-mail or phone.
  • They can then arrange a meeting and "digital" room viewing e.g. via Skype, so the student can make sure that the room actually looks like the pictures in the database and the landlord/agent can get a personal impression of the applicant.
  • After agreeing on terms and conditions the landlord and student can then exchange all the necessary paperwork via e-mail.
  • Alternatively, international student can browse through the student message board that is included in most Studentpad platforms; there they can talk directly to other students who are currently looking for a new flat mate or ask whether a spare room is available.

"Trust" is  an important component and many unis/colleges combine their Studentpad platform with specific Landlord Accrediation Schemes that guarantee a high level of quality of advertised student properties.

Online technology helps to overcome barriers in the student accommodaiton sector and the Pad Group aspires to make the whole process of finding, securing, and letting studnet accommodation as easy and comfortable as possible. For  more information about the Pad Group and modern student accommodation management please click here.

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