Studentpad sponsors local youth team "Willerby Jags"

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We all love football at the Pad Group - so why not share this passion by supporting a local youth team? Meet the Willerby Jags, our favourite football team in East Yorkshire, now sponsored by our Studentpad brand:


These lads have been playing football together for over six years. A tight bond and a deep team spirit allowed them to make it to the top of their league. Their coach explains this success as a result of the team's great passion for the game: "The Jags are a true community team, made up of players who just want to have fun and play football without the pressure of winning from coaches or parents". He further points out that the players can develop their skills in a fun, friendly and safe environment under the guidance of fully qualified coaches dedicated to a "football for all" ethos.

Indeed, the Jag's training scheme goes beyond skills, tricks, and tactics: "Aside from their football abilities, we also try to develop their social skills and aid their physical development. The most important part of youth football is to ensure that players are still playing football in 5-10 years time which means that it has to be fun and that the players enjoy it. This takes priority over everything else".

By applying a flexible, pressure-free approach, the Jag's coaches try to encourage the team to be creative and to learn from their own mistakes. This independence from strict directives will benefit the players in the long-term: On the one hand, it preserves their passion for the game, since the focus lies on fun. On the other, each player can develop his own strengths and individual techniques that fit into the general concept of the team. A recipe that seems to work very well for the 16 players who are currently part of the team: "This principle is seeing them have their best ever season to date, with them sitting at the top of their league having won 9 out of their 10 games so far, scoring 50 goals in the process and also reaching the semi-final of the Hull Boys Cup".

Support from local businesses is very important for youth football teams like the Willerby Jags, especially in the current economic climate: "Running a team is quite expensive with costs such as pitch fees, affiliation fees, kit costs, insurance, and coach training costs. It is very difficult to get funding these days, so being sponsored by Studentpad makes managing and coaching the team much easier. At this age, players are growing very quickly and their match kit had been outgrown and was becoming worn out. The money that the club has saved by not needing to buy a new kit can now be spent on other areas of the team and will certainly secure their future for another year".

We are proud to sponsor the Willerby Jags and look forward to lots of great matches and great successes for this promising team.

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