3 Quick + Easy Costume Ideas for Freshers’ Week

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Fresher's week is full of fun activities that prove an ideal opportunity to "dress up". Anything goes but if should lack some inspiration check our tips below:

School Uniform

An easy, and might I say classic choice. The likes of bargain clothes stores or even supermarkets have got you covered on this one. Buy a basic white t-shirt and decorate with a permanent marker by drawing buttons and a join down the centre. Add some ‘geek-chic’ glasses by popping the lenses out of some old cinema glasses or a cheap pair of sunglasses. Freckles don’t go a miss either, if you can beg or borrow an old eyeliner.


Beach Party

In the midst of autumn and winter, dressing to impress for a beach party is more than a little problematic. You can start by browsing the clearance rails in the hopes for some leftover holiday prints and buying the brightest you can find. Pair with some shorts, sunglasses and flip flops and you look ready for the beach (just don’t forget to pack a coat!) and for the finishing touch head over the eBay in the hopes of picking up a cheap pack of leis for you and your mates.



It’s time to crack out the crazy accessories to make this 80s night as authentic as can be (and pray that they’ve had a change of heart when it comes to the music!). For the girls 80s style can be easily achieved by pairing bright eye shadow with a little too much eyeliner and neon pink lips. Buy a cheap stretchy hairband, stick your hair into a high ponytail and invest in some brightly coloured bangles and beads. If you’re going all out you can also get a tutu and some legwarmers! For the guys the same applies, we’re talking gaudy sunglasses, the brightest jacket you own and maybe a sweatband or two?

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