8 Habits you pick up at University

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The accent: Inevitably, if you move town, county or even country to attend university you’re likely to take part in the epic North/South debate, claim that no matter what you’ll never change and then unavoidably pick up a small twang or a few phrases from your new home.


Procrastination is not just a hobby: It’s an art form and one you can and will explore to its fullest throughout your first and maybe even second year. Say hello to cat GIFs, viral videos and spotted pages galore.


Sleep is a luxury: You may indulge in at every possible moment (well, almost). Throughout your time at university, and especially in your first year, you tend to have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with sleep. At night it is neglected for endless, more entertaining possibilities such as parties, dates and late night takeaways. Where as in the day you often crave it and find time for sleep in the most unlikely of places - the study room, mid-lecture or even on the bus!


Coffee is no longer an option: It’s a necessity (see above). It will become your best friend on a cold morning and your study partner on a late night, coffee will never leave you to fend for yourself.


Deals, deals, deals: You also enable somewhat of a ‘spidey sense’ when it comes to the local supermarkets. You know, to the very minute, exactly when the little man goes round with that oh-so-special sticker device than instantly reduces your favourite meals in price. Why are they your favourite’s you may ask? Well, because they’re cheap!


Takeaway anyone? Having the local takeaway numbers memorised as if they were the numbers of your nearest and dearest is probably setting yourself up for a downfall, but the problem is they’re fast, cheap and the ultimate student option. Just try not to have too many of them!


Non-student envy: Being a student is not just a stage, it’s a rite of passage, but sometimes when you look at your peers who left school at 16, or even 18, you do start to feel a little inferior in comparison. As they’re getting promoted, buying their cars and moving into their first house, you’re still spending late nights pouring over textbooks and waiting in line for the local bus. But also remember that they also have to deal with bills and 9-5s a lot sooner too!


Student-envy: But it also works the other way too, you envy those frivolous and careless Fresher’s who are just starting out on their university journey whilst you’re seemingly at the end. Being a Fresher is fantastic but just remember how long it took you to get your feet and just how many cooking and washing disasters got you where you are today – would you really want to live through that again!?

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