A step-by-step user friendly guide to make sure you settle in next year!

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The following article is a guest blog post provided by housinghand.co.uk:

Whether you are an international or UK student, someone that’s never been to the University before or has lived in the University town all their life, finding accommodation at university can be daunting.


So we have tried to devise a short piece that will help you through your next year.


No1.  The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it

Hubert Humphrey


Take your time & start thinking about it early. Choosing your housemates is an important process and you need to be around people that you feel comfortable and relaxed around. They will be the closest thing to family for you, so make sure your future housemates have a similar academic, cultural or sporting outlook.

We know it won’t always be plain sailing and if you do have any difficulties with your flat mates just remember to put things into perspective. Stealing your Müller yoghurt or forgetting to wash up a scrambled egg pan may be annoying at the time but it is not life threatening.

All you need to do is ask in a polite, calm manner if they could not eat a prized possession or make sure they do tidy their plates in the future.

A more detailed response on negotiating conflict can be found at http://blog.pad-group.com/studentpad/how-to-negotiate-conflicts-in-a-student-house
Just remember you are not alone!



Better three hours too soon, than a minute too late

William Shakespeare


 Onto the house! Following on from no.1 it is important to look early.

Moving out of university accommodation and into your own flat is a very enjoyable and memorable moment but don’t let it creep up on you! Planning ahead is key to avoid disappointment.

We have all had moments where we wish we had booked earlier i.e. cinema tickets have sold out, no room at the restaurant you want to eat at but the difference is scale: finding a house is a big deal because you are going to live, cook, eat and sleep in it.  

You can use Studentpad.co.uk if you are struggling.


No.3 Make sure the letting agent doesn’t say you can’t move in because you are not guaranteed!

The no.1 secure way to ensure you get the property you want



 After you have done all the hard work and found the right people & accommodation for you, you don’t want the landlord to say you can’t get rent the accommodation because you don’t have a rent guarantor or sufficient money to pay up front.


FAQ: what is a rent guarantor service:  

A person/company that will provide a guarantee that the rent will be paid. Without one letting agents or landlords may turn down your application unless you are willing/can afford to pay up front.

Once you have been guaranteed you can begin to relax and think about customizing your accommodation around you.  


Housing Hand works with universities in the UK to provide students with a Rent Guarantor. For more detail: www.housinghand.co.uk


Moving in: Make sure you make the flat as homely as possible. Buy some posters, lamps and furniture from well-equipped Do It Yourself centres like IKEA to make sure you feel at home! It is worth investing some time and money into the accommodation because you will be living there for a long period of time. And yes, you will still have enough for a kebab, dominos or a refreshing drink afterwards don’t worry!

Once you have settled in and setup everything cook a welcoming meal for your flat mates to get everything off to a good start. And remember to clean up that scrambled egg!


Written by Jack Probert, a third year student at Edinburgh University doing a summer internship at Housing Hand.


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