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At the risk of sounding like an overprotective mother, student nights out can be a dangerous place as well as being terribly fun and frivolous occasions. The atmosphere’s electric and topped pretty much every other night I’d ever been on in my sleepy one club home town; so here are my top tips for surviving a night out at university with as much pennies and comfort as you can!


My top tip is to find a taxi company you trust. Usually the university has one they recommend and most of them will text you when they arrive and the model and registration number of the car for your safety. If you can, always try and catch a taxi with a friend,  one, because it’ll help save those all important student loan pennies by splitting the cost and two, it’s much safer travelling in numbers.


Leave your card at home to curb your spending but make sure to take some emergency cash to pay for the ride home! I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve seen generously buy round after round after round and only grimly realising the next morning just how much they spent! Plus in most cash machines inside clubs have a charge for usage – which can add up – as well as huge queues.


Always keep an eye on your drink and leave it in the care of someone you trust if you need to head to the toilet. Spiking drinks is rare but it does happen, even inside the student union. If you’re a girl and are particularly worried about this then a new nail polish invention by Undercover Colours has got you covered. It’s been designed so that when you stir your drink with your finger it actually changes colour when it detects the date rape drug, so you can get yourself another drink.


Always let someone know where you are and what time to expect you back (and, if possible always go home with a friend). Does this really need to be explained? Safety first people. No matter how epic the night, it’s not worth ending in disaster.


Take only the bare essentials (I’m talking to you with everything but the kitchen sink stuffed into that perfect little black clutch). With this, you lads have it right by focusing on the essentials: a wallet stripped down of all unnecessary points cards and old receipts if possible, a fully charged phone for when you inevitably end up half a club away from all of your friends and if you really must drop in a lipstick and some blister plasters too!


Dress less to impress and more for comfort! As a fashion blogger, I foster somewhat of an appreciation for the highest and sleekest of heels, but as a girl? They’re just prettily dressed torture devices. Though I do have a certain admiration for those who can pull off four hours dancing in six inch heels, I often wonder how they’ll be able to pull off walking to their lectures the next morning! Ultimately wearing gigantic heels is bad for your feet but they can also cause all kinds of accidents such as sprained ankles and cut up feet when you insist upon removing them on the walk home! Similarly, in the dead of winter invest in the cloakroom for the price of half a drink and you’ll be a lot happier and warmer on the way home.


And on the way home… always opt for a takeaway! No, not just because they taste good but because they’ll help soak up any excess alcohol making you feel a million times better in the morning and they’ll also keep you from cooking when you arrive home. The combination of tiredness and having a tad too much to drink can easily cause you to forget about those potato waffles in the oven and cause everyone else to get a rude awakening from the smoke alarm!

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