Cool Ideas for Decorating Your Student Room

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Whether you choose to live in a dorm, a shared student house or your own flat: you will probably spend a lot of your time in your student accommodation. It is in this respect  important to keep in mind that students are most productive when they are at inner peace with their habitat. So why not investing a little time and effort in an aesthetically more engaging environment and brushing up your student room? There's neither a reason nor excuse to live, work, and sleep in a blank and spartanic student room. All it takes is a little creativity!

DIY and Low Cost

To give your student room a personal note doesn't have to be expensive. "Do it yourself" is the way to go and with some smart ideas and a little talent in crafting you will achieve great results even if your budget is limited. Especially the Internet is a superb source not only for inspiration but also practical advice. There are countless guides, blueprints, "how-to-videos" and more that will help you create funny and eye-catching room decoration. Just browse for "student room deocration ideas" in the the search engine and/or video/photo platform of your choice and see what pops-up. 

Once you have an idea and acquired the necessary know-how, you will probably need some crafting material for actually creating a specific piece of decor. You can get a lot of stuff for discount prices in specialsied shops or supermarkets. Just look out for bargians on paper, glue, wood etc.

It is also always a good idea to check out local flea markets or second-hand shops, since these are the palces where you can find truly unique and special accessoires. A vintage lamp from the 1950s or an awesome art noveau mirror for your cousy student room? With a little luck and patience, chances are good that you'll find what your'e looking for. No need to spent big money for making your student accommdoaiton more beautiful.

Walls of Fame

Blank walls can be turned into pieces of art reflecting your personal tastes and interests. Fo instance, you could put a world map on your wall and indicate all the countries you've visited with pins. You can also combine aesthetics with a practical purpose by crafting your own cork board for notes and pictures. A few nice posters of your favourite singer, actor, movie, or comic character are another cheap and efficient option for instantly decorating your walls . If you want to go fully individualised you can ask one of the many resepctive online stores to print your own design in poster-size. A snapshot of your last trip to the South Sea? A picture you've drawn yourself? Turn it into a a poster and put it in your wall!

You can also create your own collage of pictures of friends, pets, family or postcards. Another useful wall accesoire are book shelves. Loads of unique desings are availble. Your imagination really is the limit. However, you should make sure that whatever you do complies with the rules of conduct of the property you're living in. That means: if you're not allowed to paint your walls or use bluetack, you shouldn't do so. Best check your tenancy agreement for the rules of "reasonable wear and tear". Find more information on these issues in our student housing guide.

Let there be Lights

Another instant style upgrade for your student room are holiday lights or candles. Put fairy lights of your favourite colour on your walls or above your bed. They produce a cosy light and make your feeltruely home in your student room. The same goes for candles which are available in different forms and sizes. A nicely looking and cheap alterative to regualr candel stands are empty wine bottles. Aside from that, you can always put a stylish retro- or vintage lamp in your room. Either way, an individual arrangment of lights willdefinitely improve the cosiness-factor of your student home. Just make sure that you comply to the fire saftey regulations of your accommodation.

A Cosy Sleeping Area and Stylish Working Area

The two most important areas of your student room are your bed and your desk or "work space".  There are various ways to improve the "looks" of both for a more homely feeling in your student room. Bring or buy your own duvet covers and try to get a few cushions or pillows with (exotic) designs that meet your taste. Whatever you do, aim for a maximum of coziness in your sleeping area.

When it comes to your desk, the spectrum of options for decoration is virtually unlimited: put up pictures in fancy framings, display souvenirs that remind your of your last holiday trip, and arrange your own set-up of storages, drawers, files, desk organisers etc. Again, whatever suits your preferences best is the way to go, both aesthetically and practically.

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