Eight Easy Tips to Make your Student Loan Last Longer

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1.    Eat well and make triple – whilst this may sound like an expensive idea, eating well (and by that I mean healthily!) can actually extend the life of your student loan. For example, a pack of pre-cut mixed vegetables retails for about a pound and will make three batches of steaming vegetable soup plus leftover meats can be used in pack ups for the next day.


2.    Avoid getting sucked in by money saving deals – unless you really need it, of course!


3.    But not in the supermarket – buying in bulk, whether it’s by yourself or with your friends can save you money in the long run, even if you don’t need the item right then and there.


4.    Always remember to check the reduced section in the supermarket – there’s no end of half priced meals and fresh ingredients too! Just make sure you use it within the allotted date and always check for the freezer symbol in case you want to save it for later.


5.    Can you walk there instead? – those little spends soon add up so next time you’re waiting at the stop or putting your key in the ignition think, do I really need to drive there?


6.    Buy a railcard – I’ve mentioned this is posts before, but I cannot sing the praises of a railcard enough if you’ll be heading home this year. Plus they’re on offer for just £18 at the moment too!


7.    Turn it off! – if you pay your own utility bills, cutting your usage can really help save those pennies. This may mean camping out in the library or simply turning your TV off standby or making sure your light is turned off when you leave the room. The same goes for your water bills, if you’re on a meter cutting your usual morning shower short by just a minute will help you save tonnes of water in the long run!


8.    Buy second hand textbooks – The third years will be happy to get rid of them and you’ll likely be picking them up for a much cheaper price. Failing that check your on campus book store as they usually host buy-back programmes and don’t forget to sell yours on too when you’re done!

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