Feng shui arrangements for your student accommodation

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Even if you do not believe in the magical energies that flow through  space (the type of energies that the Chinese would call ‘qi’ – the ‘invisible’ forces that are biding the universe, the earth and humanity together) you can still benefit from this ancient Chinese art-form. Feng Shui has become increasingly popular in recent years and is one of the most important factors that are considered in professional room arrangements.

Feng Shui is a very complex technique and style of living: there can be multiple space arrangements, from aiming at money and wealth to health or at being really smart. Below is a list of 5 really useful tips for helping you as a student (and for the people who you live with) for a better relationship between the housemates and harmony with your environment

  • For a proper Feng shui room you need good, fresh, clutter free air and quality lighting. Even if we are talking about leaving the windows a bit open the whole time you’re in the bedroom or changing the light bulb with a higher voltage one, all this will improve the quality of living.
  • Keep an eye out for the Feng shui energy map (or Bagua) - a crucial tool in Feng shui to analyse the energy level of any given space. Every cardinal point has specific main colours and purpose that will influence different areas of your life. Below is the whole map. We suggest that you don’t take this too serious, but try and see if these tips work for you.
  • Arrange the furniture in your room in the empowered position: they should not be in alignment with the door, but you should be able to see every corner of the room from anywhere you could sit.
  • Nothing broken should be in your room. As always, this Feng shui tip is not only for your room to look better but it is actually very practical advice as well. Everything should be fixed: from broken chairs, tables (that can cause injuries) to faulty speakers etc. Remember, like your eyes are a mirror to your soul, the same applies for your room: it reflects your student personality and life style.
  • Throw out the trash and useless things. Maybe you got that cute little teddy bear from your college crush or that old alarm clock from your long-forgot aunt: if they have no practical use in your room and they simply don’t fit or look good, just throw them away. You will relieve the pressure put onto you by these old memories and feel so much free. Strings attached are for losers. These are some really useful tips, but this is just a small part of what Feng shui is really all about. Research is the key element to a better understanding and we strongly agree you do some more in order to find more info about this incredible topic.

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