Some Tips on How to Find and Buy Student Furniture

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Moving out for the first time gives you the opportunity to furnish and decorate your new home the way you like it. Even though you might live in some form of furnished student accommodation there's almost always a little room to give it a personal touch. Maybe you want to bring the stylish lamp that you bought on Ebay or your favourite desk chair or the little bed-side locker you found on the flea market. As long as you do not violate any rules of conduct stated in your tenancy agreement you should be free to rearrange your student room's furnishings and to bring in your own pieces.

In some cases you might not even have a choice but to buy and bring your own basic furniutre in order to make your student room habitable. It really depends on the type of student accommodation you choose to live in: while rooms in student halls and student houses often come with some sort of basic equipment (bed, desk, wardrobe), flats and studios in the private rented sector might be completely blank before you move in and you'll have to get everything you need on your own.

Either way, to find affordable furniture can sometimes be a little difficult. Desks, chairs, cupboards but also appliances such as washing machines or tumble dryers can be quite expensive - especially on a student budget. However, with a little wit and time you can keep your expenses low on these things as there are various ways to strike a bargain:

  • The simplest way to secure at least some basic furniture in student accommodation that actually doesn't come with any is to ask the previous tenant whether sh/e would be willing to leave some stuff for you. If you're luckily you might get a bed, desk, and chair for very little money or even for free. After all, student tenants do not always want to take all of their stuff with them when they move out and are often happy to leave especially furniture for other students. Just make sure that each piece is in a good condition and that you do not end up with other people's junk.

  • There are often various stores in areas populated by students that specialise in (second-hand) furniture and household appliances. Some may offer to deliver the pieces you buy and even to assemble or connect them in your new home. It's recommandable to go to different places and to compare offers, prices, and services before you make a choice.

  • The Internet is another source for all kinds of affordable student furniture. Some online stores even have special offers for students, such as student packages or student survival kits that include everything you need when you move out for the first time. Then there are the various online auction houses where you often have the chance to find unique pieces. Prices can range from the dirt-cheap to the super-expensive. It depends on what you're looking for and how much you want to spend for it. Of course, a little luck is also quite helpful. In any case, you'll be able to find all kinds and types of furniture on the Web, whether you seek basic equipement or rare designer pieces. Just make sure that the delivery costs and -times remain reasonable.

What ever you do, your personal tastes (and budget) should guide your hand when it comes to furnishing your student accommodation. With a little creativity and a few good ideas you'll give your room a personal note quick and easy. Please bear in mind that you need to adhere to the rules of conduct that apply to your house or hall, though. Landlords often state quite clearly how far you can go in implementing your visions for interior decoration.

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