Heating your student house on the cheap

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Whilst moving out of your home or halls of residence into your first student house can give the feeling of unlimited freedom, it can also provide a few headaches when it comes to figuring out how to do basic household tasks such as keeping the house warm in the winter months.


What should be a relatively simple task can become swiftly complicated with a range of different energy bills to consider, as well as factors of what heating system your landlord has in place. But here are a few essential things to think about when looking for a house to rent.


Energy efficient houses

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When you're looking at a range of student homes for the next year, you can easily find out how energy-efficient a house is by checking the Energy Performance Certificate. These certificates are required whenever a property is sold or rented, and will give you a good indication as to how much money could be wasted due to leaks in poorly insulated homes. And although only one in ten people consider using such energy-efficiency information, it can save you a lot of money in the long run to enjoy on other activities.


Checking the energy system


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It's also very important to check with the landlord what kind of energy system is in place and how it will be paid for.


Many student houses unfortunately use a gas meter token system that must be topped up by the home-renters. Whilst this can provide an easy way to keep tabs on costs, The Guardian recently reported that such a system can be incredibly expensive in heating a home.


For a simpler, more cost-efficient way of heating a home, electric radiators can be a valuable alternative. The range of sleek electric radiators designed by Verismart are all operated through using a simple thermostat control so that you can easily keep a check on how much energy is being used. The radiators are also easy to install, requiring just four screws and a bracket to fix to a wall – be sure to check with your landlord first though.


Moisture and ventilation


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Another factor that can often be overlooked when researching your student home is that of how damp the house is.


This is especially important as it has been found that damp homes can have a number of negative health consequences including an increase in the likelihood of developing respiratory problems – particularly if you are afflicted with allergies or asthma.


But thankfully there are a range of resources out there specifically designed to help you enter the world of student housing. In particular, the National Union of Students have a tried-and-tested guide to aiding you through this tricky, yet exciting time.

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