How Studentpad helps You with Finding Student Accommodation

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If you haven’t heard already, you just arrived on the best place on the Internet to find everything you need about student accommodation and other related topics that will help and guide you through your student life. In this article we will take a look at the ways in which the Studentpad website can help you better understand the UK’s student accommodation sector, find the best possible accommodation specially tailored for your needs and much more. Also, landlords and universities will be able to share all of our links on their pages, thus reducing the stress and trouble when it comes to gathering useful advice for the students they are in touch with, engaging their audiences according to their needs.


Three really useful categories are available and showcased on the Studentpad website:

1. The main focus of our website is our free Student Accommodation Searching Engine, which enables students to look for available properties provided by the private rented sector in a specific area. Thanks to Google Maps all you need to do is to type in your desired location and the database will direct you instantly to the specific website covering that area. It’s really that simple and if you should have any problems in the process, then please check out our very-easy-to-follow guide.

2. The Studentpad Blogs, where our Social Media team provides a constantly updated stock of helpful articles, detailed guides and other resources on student issues. We place great emphasis on common problems related to student housing and try to provide quick help for some of the most bothering questions of that you will eventually face while you’re at university or college. Some of our articles of our most popular articles include: A few helpful Tips for managing your (tight) Student Budget, How to throw a proper House Party, “Things I wish I’d Known as a Fresher” and many more.

3. The Housing / Student Guides and Useful Links sections, where we’ve put together our most helpful resources, both from our team’s experience (of whom many are/were students themselves) and knowledge as well as tested advice from all over the internet, throwing an objective view on all things related to student accommodation and uni life.


Aside from these useful links, you can find out more about Our Company, use the Contact Form to get in touch with our team regarding any topic you might be interested in and the links to all of our social media accounts like Studentpad Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. And don't forget to check our Youtube Channel with lots of useful videos on student housing in the UK!


To sum up, we encourage you to keep checking our Studentpad website regularly, as we are confident that it will help you to find student accoomodation quickly and easily while providing you with useful content and advice that will help you to get through your academic years. Take care and see you soon J

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