How to find the best student accommodation in the UK

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Everybody has his or her preferences - that's what's makes us different. The same rules apply to student accommodation, where you can pick from variety of housing options J

Some of you might prefer bigger rooms, closer locations to your universities, a lower budget or the availability to stay with your friends. In this article we will take a look at the best method of searching and finding the best private student accommodation in the UK quickly and easily:

Step 1: Go to -> the best student accommodation search engine in the UK. Celebrating this year over 15 years of experience in the student housing sector, it is truly the biggest search engine specifically designed to help students finding high quality student housing in the private rented sector.

student pad student accommodation

Step 2: As you can in the picture above, all you need to do is to enter your location into the search bar (highlighted in red). And because the search engine is powered by Google Maps you can insert anything from post codes, to streets, towns, cities, regions etc. In the above example the searched location is London.

student pad student accommodation

Step 3: This will automatically take you the region in which you want to look for your student accommodation. Choose the location where you want to live (examples highlighted in red) and then click on your University!

student pad student accommodation


Step 4: Now you cans tart searching for different types of student accommdoation by selecting your preferences from the search mask. You can specify your search with the help of different variables: type of accommodation (studio / house / flat /bedsit / room / maisonette), living arrangements (resident landlord / shared property) and many other more.

After you hit the “Search Accommodation” button, you can start browsing through all available properties with full images, descriptions, contact phone numbers, email addresses etc.

If you enjoy using our free service, make sure to check out the other sections of our website:  our BLOG, the Student Guides and the Housing Guide! See you next time.

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