Looking for new Housemates? Studentpad can help!

It is not unusual for students to move out of a shared house at the end of a term and leave a spare room that is available for a new occupant. The remaining tenants often need to find a "replacement housemate" a.s.a.p., since the costs for rent and utility bills are in most cases evenly shared among all tenants.

Various options are available for finding a new house- or flat mate. For example, you can ask friends who might know somebody who is seeking new student accommodation or put a notice on your departement's or student union's blackboard. Alternatively, you can go online and post an avaible student room on your university's Studentpad website. This enables you to advertise a vacant room quick and easy, as it connects you with students who are looking for accommodation in your immediate area. In other words: You do not need to be a landlord in order to advertise a room with Studentpad. In fact, as a student your are entitled to use our student message boards for free.

As a student, you can use the respective studentpad student message board of you institution's Studentpad platform. They are exclusively designed for facilitating communication and networking among students and help you to draw your fellow students' attention to a room available in your house. When posting a room, you should try to provide the most important information:

  • The property's location and distance to uni or college
  • The monthly rent and what it will cover (e.g. utility bills, Internet, TV)
  • The number of house mates and their background (gender, year of study etc.)

Please note that each studentpad student message board has it's own rules of conduct. You can read them on your local Studentpad platform. In most cases you need to provide some sort of evidence that you're a student attending a course at the respective university. However, aside from that it's free to use and helps you promoting available student rooms among the right audience with little effort.

Find your local Studentpad platform on our main website.

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