How to prepare best for the new academic year / term

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It’s nearly the end of the term break (OH NOoo!), so here is a short list of ideas for how you can prepare best for the new academic year or the new term.

·     Buy all the educational material you need in advance

·       It’s really good advice to get all the books and DVDs  which are on your reading/viewing list way before your new term, stack them up nicely somewhere in your room (or on your computer’s hard drive) and totally forget about them until you’ll need them. Just imagine the freedom when you’ll realize: that’s one more thing off your to-do list nd everything's ready when you need it!


·     Finish all of your previous work

·       This often easier said than done but every student should try this. And when I say all your previous work, I actually mean all of it! Try to complete every little single task that might bugger you - postponing them forever will only make your life harder. Also assess whether an item on your to-do-list is really woth the effort. Hence, you should choose one out of two things to do before starting your new term:

A. Either finish that respective task. Or

B. Completely forget about it.



·     Start with a fresh mind-set

·       We strongly believe that vacations are the perfect time for relaxation (duuh!) and this should be your main focus while taking time off from Uni life. So go abroad and visit another culture and totally emerge in it, spend some time with your close friends and family or even try to go into the wilderness for a weekend with only a tent and some food (this advice is not for everybody and we don’t take any responsibility for it, but is sure as hell relaxing) and spend as much time stress-free and trying to re-engage with the life of a free spirit, that is the life of a student while in vacation.


·     Don’t forget to look for accommodation

·       Here at Studentpad, we have the biggest accommodation search engine specially designed for students. It’s completely free and university approved and all you need to do is just type in the city you will be living in the UK (all the UK cities are covered), choose the University you’ll attend and insert your accommodation preferences and it will automatically list you all the available places by the local landlords, so you can choose your favorite place to live in, in next to no time. Go to now J



One great web browser Extension that really helps to keep tasks in order and better focus on a new day is called Momentum Dashboard. Every single time you open a new tab in your browser, instead of the usual page featuring recent visited / most used websites and the logo on it, you will have a very nice dashboard with a really nice nature HD picture (a different one every single day!) offered by the guys at National Geographic’s website, a small to-do list in the bottom right corner, the time of the day in the middle, your main focus for the day and a motivational quote on the bottom center. Every feature you can disable and enable (apart from the picture and the quote) and I cannot recommend this thing enough!! It makes my surfing experience so much more productive, especially when I find myself drifting or spending to much time on Facebook watching cat videos (not that something is wrong with that).It’s free and completely awesome!


Thank you for reading us and we hope you find our article informative and fun. Until next time, relax mode on!


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