How to throw a proper House party

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Admit it! You always wanted to host a house party and invite all your friends from university/college (or you already did). Probably 95% of all studnet would say yes if asked "have you ever attended a house party?". Almost every student has a story to tell about crazy, fun, drunk and memorable nights with their friends.

So here is a list of 5 top tips for throwing a house party without getting into legal, moral, and social trouble while making all of your guests enjoy their time - let them have one of the greatest nights of their lives! Here we go X_x

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1. If your neighbours are students at university or are still in the party mode (whatever that age is) or they’re just cool people, ask them to come to the party. This helps ypu to acheive two things: first of all, they will consider the option – it will just be plain rude for you not to invite them, because the event is a great opportunity to bond and to start better knowing each other. The second benefit is that they might let you throw the party without complaining about it, because you’ve invited them ;-) If they are older (or maybe there’s a family next to your house) please take the time and ask them nicely for permission. Trust me, if you’ll be polite enough (or maybe give them a small gift as well – like some flowers for the lady of the house) they will not have anything against it – it’s just like once a semester, isn’t it? 

2. Every room in the house that you don’t want to be used should be locked. You don’t want people to make-out (or whatever) in your bedroom, so your best option is to lock it. This way you will keep any unwanted visitors away from the rooms that you have personal stuff in.

3. Technical stuff: First of all, in the area where the party will take place, take every object that is valuable & breakable far away from there (including electronics, furniture, paintings, flower vases etc.) Other items that you will need for a nice atmosphere (like speakers & laptop/iPod) should be well secured to a wall or a hard surface or/and should be out of reach. You surely don’t want someone to knock your computer over in the middle of the party, thus ruining yours and everyone else’s night.

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4. As previously stated, you will want to create a friendly and fun environment for all the people that you’ve invited. You can opt for a bar/pub/tavern vibe, or a posh restaurant vibe (we promise we won’t judge you) or a club one (this is my favourite option). Things you should consider to have (they are not compulsory, but will definitely help you) are:

Nice speakers alongside with a solid playlist!! - Because music straight from your laptop’s speakers is just … sugar. An even better alternative would be to have a friend of yours who might want to DJ. But be careful: one person, not 2, 3, 4, 10 or it will become messy!

Lights - you probably can’t afford a professional lighting system like the ones in the clubs, but surely there are solutions out there for your budget and for small spaces. Check THIS one out for good, cheap LED lights and as of a strobe THIS really cheap one should be great.

5. Another piece of advice I can give you is: be considerate. This is actually a really important one. Be considerate towards a number of things: towards your house, even though it is your party, keep an eye out for people trying to cause trouble and kick them out if necessary (it helps if you have a big, strong friend who can help you). Also, after the party is over it is your responsibility as the organiser to clean the house and to put everything in order as it was before the event. There are a lot of other things to look put for, like people getting too drunk, having fights etc. but we hope you have good enough judgement to oversee these.

6. Use social media - if you want to invite your friends you should make a Facebook event and promote it well, but keep it casual and not too fancy because people tend to dislike those.

These were advices for helping you throw one of the best house parties in the worlds without making a big mess and giving your friends probably the best time of their lives.

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