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Damp, faulty kitchen appliances, tricky tenancy contracts, problems with house mates, broken heaters - the list of potential problems in student accommodation is long and many students have to deal with one or the other during their time at uni. Finding solutions is not always easy as the challenges are often a bit overwhelming, especially when you move out and live indepedently for the first time.

But no need to worry, a helping hand is on its way: this month Studentpad introduces Safety Shaun, the star of a series of web videos that provide useful information on various student accommodation related issues and with a focus on health and safety.

There will be 12 different videos available, each covering one specific topic such as damp, tenancy agreements, security, hygiene, or fire safety. You can view a full list on the official Safety Shaun website.

Each of the cartoon-style clips introduces a particular problem and explains how to solve it quickly and easily. The short stories around mischiefmaker Safety Shaun communicate how to deal best with the everyday challenges in student housing in an entertaining and clear yet comprehensive way. 

Safety Shaun has been developed in collaboration with Blaby Council in response to the overwhelming need to offer an engaging way of conveying key health and safety information and housing advice to customers and tenants. Your uni's or college's accommodation office can lease the videos and make them available on its official website. 

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