Our New Studentpad Website: A Quick Tour

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This month saw the launch of our new Studentpad website, your main hub to affordable quality student accommodation. It offers a wide range of improvements, both visually and function-wise, that will facilitate your search for the right place to stay. In this post we show and explain how to use our new website for finding the information that you need.

The Welcome Page - Find your local Studentpad platform quick and easy

Studentpad Main Website
This is the most important site for you, since it will direct you instantly to your university's localised Studentpad platform. Just click on the map and pick your university. Alternatively, you can enter the name of your city or higher education institution into the search panel. You can also click on "List of Universities" or "List of Cities", where you can find all universities and colleges that are using our system.

Our Housing Guide - Everything you need to know about student housing

Studentpad Housing Guide

Our Studentpad Housing Guide provides you with helpful advice and detailed information on everything important regarding student accommodation. It covers the following areas:

  • House Hunting: Learn how to find, pick, and secure student housing that suits all your personal preferences.
  • Before You Sign: Explains what you have to consider legal-wise before you sign a contract for student accommodation. 
  • Moving In: Provides practical advice for moving into your new student room "hassle-free".
  • Safety Issues: Provides useful information on health and safety issues, including gas and fire regulations.
  • Common Problems: Explains common problems to be encountered in student housing and how to deal with them, such as damp.

We might expand this section at a future point and are open to your suggestions.

Our Student Guides - Helpful Advice for Fresher's and International Students

Studentpad Student Guides
Our Studentpad Housing Guides specifically aim for first year students and International students. They provide helpful information on registration and visa procedures, organisation of uni work, housing options and more. We might add more guides in the future and welcome any suggestions.

There's even more to discover on our Studentpad website and Studentpad Blog. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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