Packing for University: The Bare Essentials

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Packing for uni student pad


Congratulations! So you just got into university and although it may be over a month away for some of you, it’s always good to start preparing sooner rather than later.


It’s not long now until the fresher’s week packs will be posted through your doors and you’ll be stocking up on cardboard boxes ready for the move (another great tip). Preparing for such a big change may seem like an incredibly daunting task, however if you follow our helpful studently guides, we’ve got your back.


Today we’ll be covering where exactly to start when packing for university and those bare essentials you’re going to need. Begin looking at cheap and cheerful stores and carboots. There’s little point in spending a bomb when it comes to kitchenware as I cannot tell you just how many knives and forks I’ve had mysteriously go “missing” never to be seen again, so keep the cost minimal. But, for things inside your room such as a duvet, a little extra cash goes a long way in terms of your heating and comfort for the next three years.


Here’s a basic essentials list to get you started:


-        Two sets of bedding (one for the wash and one as a spare)

-        Kitchenware (cutlery, plates, dishes, pots, pans, utensils… I also recommend a steamer and a blender too!)

-        Power adapter (because university rooms can be very ill-equipped with sockets)

-        Storage (for under the bed and in the wardrobe to separate your things)

-        Books relevant to your course (even if it’s not a required textbook you may still use the information)

-        Homely accessories such as photo frames (because there is nothing worse than an empty room)

-        A blanket (because some universities aren’t so great when it comes to heating)

-        Laundry bag (because floodrobes are rather unattractive and an annoyance for the cleaning lady)

-        Coat hangers (because, duh!)

-        Bath mat and toothbrush holder

-        Daily essentials (such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, loo roll, toiletries…)


But remember not to over pack. You can buy a lot of the stuff you need once you get there, you just need enough to get you through the first couple of nights. On my first day in halls I bought everything I could ever need – first aid kit, a billion coat hangers, every item of kitchenware known to man and did I use it all? No. But I still keep that first aid kit handy just in case! If you’re still wondering exactly what to pack, don’t worry we’ll have you covered with a comprehensive moving guide closer to the time.


And here’s one for what not to bring:


-        Posters (there’s often a cheap clearance sale at your university just after fresher’s week – plus it saves them getting crushed en route)

-        Groceries (it may be good to have something to eat, but no one likes a lukewarm pint of milk so just buy it when you get there)

-        Summer clothes (whilst it may be hot and sunny now, you’ll be regretting transporting your summer wardrobe as it takes up valuable storage space during winter)


I hope this helps you to start thinking about what you’re taking to university and congratulations fresher’s! Make sure to follow @Studentpad on Twitter for the latest accommodation updates, vlogs, DIYs, cooking videos and more!

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