Pre-University Bucket List

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Pre-university bucket list student pad


The first thing you have to do is celebrate! You're setting off to university to make your mark on the world and you’re already well on your way to becoming a fully-fledged and functioning adult. However it doesn’t hurt to prepare yourself, before you’re left to survive in the wilderness that is University Halls…

Whether you’re nervous about being in a new place or just want to scout out the closest shopping centre - or closest takeaway! Thanks to Google Maps you can take a trip across campus or into the city centre without leaving the comfort of your bedroom. Some of you may want to wait explore; but I cannot tell you just how valuable it is to know the directions to the closest corner shop on your first night by yourself. Even better, if you can drive why not take a day trip?


Similarly if you can, check out the student accommodation again and work out what you need to bring. Is there enough storage space? Do you need an extension lead? Do the curtains keep out the light? Is the temperature sub-zero? A lot of these questions you will have gathered from the Open Day, but knowing the answers to these can save you a lot of time scouring the student-raided shelves for the last plug adapter or thick, fluffy blanket.

Once you’ve got this clear in your mind you can start creating the University shopping list which has just the right amount of the essentials without going too overboard - I cannot tell you just how many kitchen supplies I took into halls, they were literally falling from my cupboard. But I also forgot a few essentials such as the aforementioned blanket which led to some very chilly nights! Carboot sales and charity shops are perfect for this, in terms of homely additions at student friendly prices.

Did someone say kitchen supplies? You should probably get a rather good idea of how to use them; else you’re in for some rather empty dinner plates. Thankfully, we over at StudentPad have got your back and will be bringing you the best good quality and tasty meals that won’t take a chunk out of your day. You can also get Mum or Dad to write down family favourite recipes so you’re not left (like me) working out just how many rations of bacon went into that famous pumpkin soup anyway?

Empty your room of clutter. It will take some time and a little persevering but I wish someone would have told me before I packed my bags. If you head home at all in a semester, the maximum stay you’re likely to get is a long weekend. This is just not enough time to sort through spare papers, last season’s clothes and old birthday presents. Getting rid of the clutter now will not only make you feel better but it’ll also help you pocket some cash for your university fund as well as making some room for some of the things you accumulate whilst you’re away.

There are a lot of people in your position and it’s difficult to not wonder who exactly they are and what exactly living with them will be like. I got to know a lot of my flatmates prior to moving in day thanks to the Fresher’s Facebook page, we even had a Skype call; once results day had passed and people began posting their courses and what halls they were living in. From there I met so many friendly people which left me slightly less terrified and a lot more excited about the prospect of starting university.

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