Smart Ways to Stock Up Your Personal Student Library

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Books and journals are absoultely essential for all students, even though some might not like to admit this fact. Of course, there are the vast oceans of information provided by the Internet, but still: printed knowledge is the basis for success in academia. 

Indeed, your university's library will supply you with the bulk of books you need to complete your course. However, sometimes you really want to have your own copy of a key monography or edited volume for various practical reseasons: you might want to have it always close at hand, or you like to mark and circle passages in the text. Sometimes you simply enjoy buying books just because you're an avid bibliophile and these empty shelfs in your student accommodation need to be stacked with something. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to purchase a particular book.

Here are some tips on how to get books cheap and easy:

  • Many student unions organise flea markets and book markets, where clever bookworms can easily steal a bargain. Tolstoi's War and Peace for 50p? With a little luck, you'll find it!
  • You should also check blackboards in your department. Fellow students in their final year often sell their books when they get closer to graduation. You might be able to get keyworks in your subject for 50% or less of the original price
  • Another source of affordable books are various online market places. Invest a little time in researching and comparing prices; this will enable you to find the cheapest offer.

All it takes is a little research and patience and you'll fill your student room with loads of valuable books.

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