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Hello international students! Pay attention, because this is a big one! This post will explore how Studentpad can help in your forthcoming academic year/s studying at an English university. Without any further ado, here are three main reasons why you should check Studentpad regularly and everything it can offer you.

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1.  Find student accommodation all across the UK

We are the biggest student accommodation search engine in the UK! The team here at Studentpad doesn’t like to brag (maybe just a little bit), but this is now a well-known fact, if you follow our activity on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms.

To find the best accommodation options in the city/town where you will study before coming to the UK,all you need to

a) visit our website,

b) type in the city/town you will live in for the period of your English experience (all cities are covered by our online-based software),

c) select the University you will attend from the list and then simply specify your accommodation preferences.

The software will then display all the available accommodation in that specific area, which you can choose from and get in contact with the landlord.

*From an international student’s point of view (Chip here from the Social Media team), it’s really simple to use and to be frank with you, it would have saved me a great deal of time if I would have known this information in advance and I wouldn’t had to settle for the only accommodation my University offered me when first coming here. So don’t hesitate to check out our website and I promise it’s worth of your time.


2.  International Student Guide

Here we gather valuable information from all important and relevant sources about living in the UK as an international student, how to fully emerge into British culture, what you need to know when you arrive, the life at university, the student life, your new home, completing your degree and other great areas, that you can learn more from. Everything is covered in our International Student Guide!

3.  Other great resources that both international and English students can benefit from

Blog Articles, Useful Links and the Housing Guide! All of these sections on our website are filled with valuable information that can help you achieve more in less time, while being at university and release you of any stress or issues related to student life. J

We also post daily updates with interesting articles, feeds and stories related to student life on our social media accounts, like stated above. So be sure to check us out on the most important social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest etc.

Thank you for reading us today at Studentpad and until next time, enjoy the rest of your summer vacation and see you soon!


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