The Art of Maintaining Long Distance Relationships at University

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The Art of Maintaining Long Distance Relationships at University

By the time I arrived at university I was an old hat at the art of maintaining a long distance relationship as my significant other had already headed off to a university the previous year. So, when it came around to me to make my decision about just where I wanted to spent my time at university, I thought long and hard and did the only thing I could do - head in the opposite direction to the university I had fallen in love with. This meant that I was an astounding 5 hour journey away; but picking my university based on my boyfriend’s choice was just not an option for me.

Consequently I have picked up a fair few tips on just how to maintain a long distance relationship at university and here’s my advice on just how to cope. Whether you’re just about to head off and are leaving a loved one behind, or maybe you just can’t wait until September to see them again, then this post is for you.

#1 Skype is a lifesaver

You will soon learn to appreciate Skype on an entirely new level. It’s not just for sending your friend the new must-see meme or viral video; it’s a great free way of communicating face to face with no limit to how many hours you spend gazing in to each other pixelate eyes…

#2 Simultaneous tasks

In the age of the internet, there are so many things you can do together even if you’re not physically, well, together! Pick a TV series you like to watch and watch it together over Skype. If you’re into computer games it’s so easy to create a joint server and build or play together, and if you’re less of a die-hard gamer there is always an assortment of interactive games and quizzes to choose from.

#3 Save money when travelling by train

Invest in a 16-25 railcard if you haven’t already, it’s my number one ticket for saving money at university, whether you’re going home or headed across the country it can save you an astounding 1/3 of your rail tickets. You can buy either a 1 year or 3 year card from in advance! This is another top train tip of mine as it can save me an incredible £30 on my trip home, just by booking a week before I go, so it’s definitely worth planning ahead! Look for a website with no-booking fees as these can add up over time and similarly if you have a lot of changes, look at booking your trains separately rather than all at once as they tend to be pricier than booking separately.


#4 Ensure that your accommodation allows guests

Most student accommodation allows guests to stay for 2 nights in the contract, which is perfect for a weekend away together, especially if you’re hours away from one another. But make sure you follow the correct sign in procedure if you're living in halls.


#5 Schedule visits to look forward to and plan to do list

University campuses are usually smack, bang in the middle of bustling cities that have so many things to do. So why not make a to-do list or become a tour guide for the weekend? Planning a visit is fun, and it gives you both something to look forward to.

#6 Remember, you get the best of both university experiences

It’s hard being apart but if your significant other also attends university remember that you're getting the best of both student experiences. Whether the comedian you love is playing at their university, or their favourite band is crashing your SU, you can share the memory together.


I hope you enjoyed reading my tips for maintaining a long distance relationship at university. I’d love to hear your own by sending me a tweet @studentpad!

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