The Big Debate: Should I Attend my Lectures?

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One of the things that attracted me to attending University was the flexible work schedules, saying goodbye to nine-to-five – at least for now – and being able to tailor my working week to my needs. Plenty of studies have been conducted to the point of teenagers work better later in the day until later at night which fits in well with the general teen and student lifestyle and it would be nice to attend my lectures bright eyed and bushy tailed rather than gloomy, heavy lidded and wondering why on earth I’d thought it was such a good idea at 2 o’ clock last night to start a movie marathon with my flatmate!



If you’re lucky enough to have started university post the 2012 tuition fee rise (like me!) you may be feeling that a mere 12, or even 6 hours a week does not do justice to its rather steep four figure price tag. Some even calculate the cost per lecture: if you have two 12 week semesters at 12 hours per week teaching time, that’s £31.25 price tag. However, like most degree courses this tends to differ and dwindle throughout the years as you take on more independent study to maybe 4 or 6 hours per week, making it a rather pricey lecture to miss! Now of course, this is not how the tuition fees are split and it’s not likely that your lecturer gets to take home all that money for an hour’s worth of teaching. So what else does the student loan go to? Online resources, textbooks, improving learning facilities such as the library etc.



Should you miss lectures? Well, no. There is unequivocally no excuse for missing a lecture academically as they really do aid your learning whether your learn best from recording it for a later date, scribbling down small notes or hanging on your lecturers every word, attending a lecture benefits a wide range of learning styles. And, if you’re lucky, they may just drop a few hints as to what’s on the exam too!



Things don’t always pan out that way. In an ideal world I would attend each and every lecture, each bringing its own rich material that builds on what I have learnt previously at college, sixth form or even my first or second year. But this is often not always the case, especially in your first year when you often recap ‘the basics’ for those who haven’t studied the subject before and to refresh those tired and unused brains that have laid abandoned for an entire summer. Much to your total lack of enjoyment this may mean re-covering material over and over again; but with deadlines looming there are better ways to spend your precious time. And no, I don’t mean on browsing Youtube for funny cat videos (however you can check out our very own StudentPad channel which is almost like doing work, right?).



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