Things I Wish I’d Known as a Fresher

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Things I Wish I’d Known as a Fresher


As a Fresher we all start out as – almost - completely clueless ‘nearly’ adults when we’re still in this child-like mind-set with all the new and added responsibilities of living on our own, such as cooking, cleaning, making the bed…  and there’s a whole lot of pressure to make sure we do all of that and more! But not to fret, you can and will get through this; here are a few things I wish I’d known as a Fresher to give you a little head start:


Messing up – Believe it or not your first year is all about those little mishaps such a burning dinner and sleeping in past your alarm. If you can’t do it now, when can you do it? Making these little mistakes can make you realise how important waking up on time is so that you can get it right when it really does count.


No gym membership necessary - I feel like when you start university there is a sudden exponential increase in the number of friends that you have going to the gym. This may be down to the excessive propaganda that files in through your letterbox, or it could be down to the ‘extra special’ student priced membership that makes the whole thing feel a lot less like daylight robbery. Point is that you should only be getting one yourself if you feel like you are going to use it, and I mean really use it. Not just on the occasions that your flat mate drags you from your sleeping cave, or to coincide with the rather fetching fitness instructor’s timetable.


Join in more – If you’re at university, then academic success is undoubtedly the end game of your degree, but it doesn’t have to be all you do with your time at university. Joining clubs, taking up new hobbies and making new friends can be invaluable to your success as a student – both emotionally and academically.


Cooking is somewhat of a spectrum – Beans on toast is an acceptable meal, it’s one of your five a day and actually quite a satisfying lunch. It’s just not acceptable for every lunch. Yes cooking may refer to pre-heating the oven and sticking in a tray of your favourite brand of turkey dinosaurs but it also refers to gourmet dinners and your task lies somewhere in the middle. (Hint: steamed veggies are a life saver!)


Worry less - This includes deadlines, financial woes and missing home; as ultimately the only things worrying is going to do is affect your mood. So instead of worrying think: okay, so what can I do to sort out my work for this deadline? Library! How can I actively sort out my finances? Budgeting! What can I do about missing home? Phone call! Changing the way you think from moody teen to well-balanced adult can really make all the difference.

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