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To buy textbooks, or not to buy textbooks? It’s a question that almost every student asks themselves at one point or another and when you consider the price tag, you can see why. The “average” price of the core textbooks for my course is £40 per module, and when you’re taking the required 120 credits per semester (that’s six modules!) it really does add up over the three years.


You may actually understand what the lecturer is talking about.

Swotting up and reading ahead is the new cool at university (honest…)

They really do help with your basic grasp of the module as they explain things in English so you don’t have to trawl through endless hours of semi-relevant academic and long-winded research papers.

Flip to the back of the textbook and everything should be cited in the correct format ready for the reference section of your essay, it’s great for first years and an incredible timesaver.



You actually have to read it, not just allow it to sit and gather dust on your much neglected bookshelf!

And even then you have to do more reading in order to write a substantial essay. A lot of which is journal material and free online papers. So why did we just spend £40?

And, in some cases, you’ll have just bought yourself a very expensive paperweight.


But remember, you can always sell it on for around two thirds to three quarters of the price to an unsuspecting fresher or second year – they’ll be happy for the bargain and you can use that money to somewhat fill the financial hole that buying textbooks has left in your student loan!

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